Versilon™ 2001 tubing Tubes

Chemical resistant and flexible tube.

Flexible peristaltic pump tubing Versilon 2001 tubing has a longer life in peristaltic pumps and is a plasticiser and oil-free tubing, so it will not contaminate fluids. It is chemically resistant to a wide range of aggressive fluids and its clear nature allows easy visual process monitoring.

- Temperature resistance: -78°C to +57° C
- Hardness (Shore A): 69
- Service life: +/- 100 hours
- Excellent resistance to alcohol and ketones
- Certifications: FDA 21 CFR, 177.2600 and REACH


- Chemical transfer
- Peristaltic pumps
- Soaps and detergent charges
- Ink transfer
- Water treatment pipes
- Food and drinks
- Analysis devices
- Ideal for condensers, incubators, desiccators, gas and drain line

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