TYGON® A-60-G tubing Tubes

Tube for chemical dosing, as a high-performance alternative to rubber tubes.

The Tygon A-60-G is a versatile tube for industrial and laboratory applications. The tube is heat-weldable and can therefore be fitted without connectors. It also has excellent resistance to acids and alkalis. It has a low gas permeability and is ideal for use in peristaltic pumps.

- Former designation: Norprene A-60-G
- Temperature resistance: -60°C to +135°C
- Hardness (Shore A): 61
- Service life: +/- 1'000 hours

- Soap and disinfectant dispensing
- Chemical transfer cleaning
- Caustic chemical dispensing
- Plating and etching chemicals
- Glass and window washing systems
- Vacuum pumps

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