PureFit® SPT-60 L tubing Tubes

A pharmaceutical grade platinum cured silicone tubing.

PureFit® SPT-60L is a pharmaceutical grade, platinum cross-linked silicone tubing designed for accurate dosing in peristaltic pumps used for the transfer of high purity fluids and sensitive biologicals. It is characterised by an internal surface smoothness that inhibits protein binding and bacterial growth and facilitates sterilisation and hygiene. Its non-sticky outer surface dramatically increases the life of the peristaltic pump, allowing longer production cycles and minimising the risk of pump tubing failure.

Properties and advantages:

- Pharmaceutical class, meets all criteria of USP class VI
- Fully autoclavable and sterilisable
- Complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600
Excellent flexibility and bending radius
- Long service life
- Minimum extractable elements
- Excellent internal surface smoothness
- Manufactured in a clean room environment


- Sterile fillings
- Vaccine production
- Production filtration
- Drug delivery systems

PureFit® SPT-60 L

Article no.

Ø Inner diameter

Ø Outer diameter

Wall thickness


in stock


Ø 0,8 mm

Ø 4,0 mm

1,6 mm

10 m


Ø 1,2 mm

Ø 4,4 mm

1,6 mm

10 m


Ø 1,6 mm

Ø 4,8 mm

1,6 mm

10 m


Ø 3,2 mm

Ø 6,4 mm

1,8 mm

10 m


Ø 4,8 mm

Ø 8,8 mm

2,0 mm

10 m


Ø 6,0 mm

Ø 10,2 mm

2,1 mm

10 m

Please contact us, if you need other tube sizes.

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