Laboratory peristaltic pump LabM1 Laboratory Peristaltic Pumps

The second generation of peristaltic laboratory pumps with ABS plastic housing and streamlined design

The LabM1 is suitable for a wide range of pump heads, including the AMC multi-channel pump head.
The speed can be freely adjusted by pressing a button: + or -. The direction of rotation of the pump head can also be changed by pressing a button.
The speed of the pump head is displayed on the 3 digital LED display.
The pump can also be controlled externally, e.g. via RS485 and the MODBUS protocol.

Features of the LabM1 laboratory peristaltic pump:

- Speed range: 0.1 - 150 rpm
- Delivery range: 0.000166-570 ml/min
- Suitable for a wide range of pump heads
- External control possible

Labor-Schlauchpumpe LabM1
Fördermenge 0,000166 - 570 ml/min
Drehzahlbereich 0,1 - 150 U/min
Timer Funktion 0,5 - 999 Sekunden
Betriebsdruck max. 1,0 bar
Rücksaugung 0 - 360°
Umgebungstemperatur 0 - 40°C
Energieverbrauch <50 W
Material Rollen
AISI 304
Material Gehäuse
Gewicht 4,4 kg
IP Schutzfaktor IP31
Mehrkanalpumpenkopf AMC Pumpenkopf EasyPump III Pumpenkopf EasyPump III (PPS)

Dimensionen in mm


- 1x Netzteil 230V
- 1x Bedienungsanleitung in deutscher Sprache
- 1x Pumpe LabM1
- 1x ausgewählter Pumpenkopf und entsprechende Schlauchhalter

Optional verfügbar:

- Fusspedal
- Füllständer
- Füllnadel
- Schläuche
- Rückschlagventile

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