Process peristaltic pump IP67 Laboratory Peristaltic Pumps

The HP peristaltic process pump is ideal for industrial applications.

The HP process peristaltic pump is ideal for continuous dosing applications, as well as for accurate dosing. The pump has a compact design with an aluminium housing and is antistatic. The pump can be equipped with different pump heads, depending on the application. Whether you want to pump a liquid from A to B or dose an exact quantity into a container.

The peristaltic pump has low power consumption and is also quiet. All parameters are set via the touch panel and in the event of a sudden power failure, the user settings are saved thanks to a memory backup.

Properties of the HP process pump:
- Industrial applications
- Flow rate from 0.3 ml/min up to 28 l/min
- 3-year warranty

Geeignet zum pumpen von Flüssigkeit von A nach B:

DY45 (bis 28 l/min) EasyPump (bis 3 l/min)

Geeignet zum dosieren von Flüssigkeiten:

DY25-II (bis 8'000 ml) DY15 (bis 3'000 ml)
Process peristaltic pump HP
Delivery rate (depending on pump head) 0.3 - 28,000 ml/min
Speed range 0.1 - 300 rpm
Timer function 0.5 - 999 seconds
Operating pressure max. 1.0 bar
Reverse suction 0 - 360°
Umbient temperature 0 - 40°C
Energy consumption 300 W
Caster material
AISI 304
Material housing
Weight 21.5 kg
IP protection factor IP67
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